リードミー - CollabNet Desktop - Visual Studio Edition v4.3.2

CollabNet Desktop - Visual Studio Edition 
Version 4.3.2 (for Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013)
Release Date: July, 2014


1. Platform and configuration
2. Package description
3. Installation notes
4. Support for CollabNet Desktop
5. About Subversion and CollabNet

1. Platform and configuration

Product: CollabNet Desktop - Visual Studio Edition 
Certified platforms: Windows XP SP2
Requirements: Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013
To connect to CollabNet Enterprise Edition (CEE) sites, such as openCollabNet projects, 
you also need:
   Microsoft Web Services Enhancements 3.0

2.  Package description

The CollabNet Desktop - Visual Studio Edition download is a .zip of two installers:

a)	CollabNet Desktop - Visual Studio Edition 3.6
      -> Provides integration between Visual Studio and CollabNet Enterprise Edition, 
         CollabNet TeamForge, and Lab Management (CollabNet CUBiT).

b)	AnkhSVN 2.4
      -> Provides integration between Visual Studio and Subversion for software 
         configuration management. AnkhSVN is an open source project maintained here: 

CollabNet has plans to add AnkhSVN into the installer for CollabNet Desktop - Visual 
Studio Edition, but for now we are simply combining the two installers into the same 
download for convenience.

The two products are independent of each other, so the order of installation does not 
matter. You also do not need to install both of them if feel you do not want or need 
the functionality they provide. If you have already installed AnkhSVN separately, 
you do not need to install it again.

3.  Installation notes

You must install the Microsoft Web Services Enhancements 3.0 to use this product.  
The installer does not verify this. Also, make sure you get the correct installer 
for your Visual Studio version.

The Express versions of Visual Studio are not supported as they do not allow add-ins 
to be installed.

*Important Note* about Upgrading CollabNet Desktop Visual Studio Edition (CDVSE):

If CDVSE 1.0 is installed on your system, before you upgrade to CDVSE 1.1+, you must 
manually uninstall CDVSE 1.0 (Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs). This only applies 
to CDVSE 1.0; CDVSE 1.1+ automatically uninstalls previous versions of the software.

3. Support for CollabNet Desktop

Find out about CollabNet Technical Support:
Information about CollabNet Training, Consulting, and Migration services is at
Join openCollabNet for community support:

4. About Subversion and CollabNet

CollabNet launched the Subversion project in 2000 in response to the demand for an 
open standard for Web-based software configuration management that could support 
distributed development. CollabNet continues to be strongly involved with the 
Subversion project and offers CollabNet Subversion Support, Training, and Consulting 
CollabNet also provides the most widely used collaborative development environment 
in the world. More than 1,400,000 developers and IT projects managers collaborate 
online through CollabNet. The company is transforming the way software is developed 
by enabling organizations to leverage global development talents to deliver better 
products and innovate faster.
Visit CollabNet at for more information.