リードミー - CollabNet TeamForge – HP ALM / Quality Center integration

TeamForge Connector Framework
(HP Quality Center and CollabNet ScrumworksPro Integrations with CollabNet TeamForge)
Version 2.3.1


The TeamForge Connector Framework enables synchronization
of backlog items, tasks, releases, sprints, themes, teams and products
between CollabNet TeamForge (5.3+) and ScrumWorks Pro (4.4+).

TeamForge Connector Framework also enables shipment of defect and requirement data 
from HP Quality Center/ALM (9.0, 9.2, 10.0, 11.0, 11.5, 12.0 ) to a CollabNet tracker
(Project Tracker or TeamForge tracker), and vice versa.

For more information on the TeamForge Connector Framework please
visit and

System Requirements
1. Operating System Requirements
   MS Windows XP SP2
   MS Windows 2003 Server
   MS Windows 2008 Server
   MS Windows Vista
   MS Windows 7
   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3

If HP Quality Center should be synchronized, CCF has to run in a machine 
that can access Quality Center using Internet Explorer. CCF needs TDAdmin 
permissions and Windows has to be configured in a way that the 
HP Quality Center COM API can be accessed from a service. 

2. Memory requirement
   Minimum 1 GB RAM is recommended

3. Java Requirements
   Windows 32 Bit Oracle Java 6/7 is required

4. User interface requirements
   Eclipse 3.4 or higher version which includes the XML editor
   (e. g. all downloads on that contain the Java IDE)

Getting Started
For help on setting up CCF and its GUI, see the following:
	- Quick Start Guide:
	- Documentation in the CCF project:
	- Frequently Asked Questions:
	- Best Practices Guide:

Please refer to License.txt for license information.

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