リードミー - CollabNet TeamForge to Atlassian JIRA® Integration

CollabNet TeamForge to Atlassian JIRA Integration
Version: 1.0.0

The CollabNet TeamForge to Atlassian JIRA Integration facilitates coexistence
of JIRA with TeamForge. It supports traceability between TeamForge items and 
JIRA issues, single sign on access to JIRA, centralized user management and 
global search.

 * Single Sign On - Use CollabNet TeamForge to login into JIRA.
 * Access JIRA from within CollabNet TeamForge.
 * Link to return to CollabNet TeamForge My Page from JIRA.
 * Associate JIRA issues with any CollabNet TeamForge items.
 * Enter a JIRA issue ID in CollabNet TeamForge Jump To ID dialogue to go directly to the issue.
 * Construct short handy URL to JIRA issues like
 * Search JIRA issues from CollabNet TeamForge.
 * Integrate CollabNet TeamForge Subversion repositories with JIRA.
 * User management like Create/Edit/Delete user accounts centralized in CollabNet TeamForge.

System Requirements:
 1. CollabNet TeamForge 6.1
 2. Atlassian JIRA 4.3.4
 3. JIRA Subversion Plugin

Getting Started:
For installation and usage instructions, refer to the guides in the help-
docs folder.

Please refer APACHE-LICENSE.txt and ATLASSIAN-LICENSE.txt for license

Known Issues:
Up-to-date information on known issues and limitations in the current release.

 artf97849: Users migrated from JIRA to TeamForge need to reset their password
            using the "forgot password link" in the TeamForge login page.
 artf97850: Self created user accounts on TeamForge sites that do not require
            admin approval, will not get access to JIRA.
 artf97863: Linkification of JIRA issue ID in TeamForge is not supported.
 artf97952: JIRA security management is configured in JIRA itself. Hence, the
            permission pages for JIRA in TeamForge will be empty.

For any install or technical support please contact